I’m back!

But in a new incarnation… You might think of this as rebranding—from Candy’s Monsters to Candy’s Monsters & MYSTERIES—but the changes are bigger, stranger, and fundamental. This is a METAMORPHOSIS! I’ve finally emerged from the monster’s cocoon and become a mysterious butterfly.

I hope you will join me on this journey. I’ll look back on how all of this came about and look forward to new adventures in fiction. I’ll share short stories from the cold storage locker in the cloud—perhaps including the two novellas written during the pandemic in the mode of the Candy’s Monsters series—and some of the many short stories I wrote as my style, ideas, and confidence helped the new writer in me emerge.

My focus is now solidly on mysteries. Most are contemporary stories, many take place in real places, there are a few scary moments but no gore, and usually a dash of humor. I hope you’ll enjoy joining me for this ride.

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